July 19, 2024

Morning Vitals: Nurses Finding Our Bearings in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic Hurricane

Readers of Morning Vitals may have noticed that I’ve missed two consecutive weekly posts. That was certainly not my intention two weeks ago. As everyone knows by now, a global pandemic like that of coronavirus COVID-19 and all of the changes in life that accompany one have a way of altering life significantly. Some things in my life are on hold. On the other hand, I’m finding time for some things that have been neglected or at least assigned a lower priority. In the midst of this hurricane of changes, I’ve taken the time to reorganize my thinking on a number of issues, and I’d like to explain what’s ahead for Morning Vitals.

For a while now, I’ve been committed to updating Morning Vitals once a week. I knew when I established this blog that I was interested in the interaction of nursing with my Christian faith. A while back, I reserved the domain name theologyofnursing.com in order to more easily draw interested readers into discussion with me on topics that reflect my interests.

I’ve previously thought that I would write about both “theology from a nursing perspective” and “nursing from a theological perspective” on Morning Vitals. While I had decided to post occasionally on the theology of nursing while posting weekly on general topics, I’ve discovered about myself that I have a good deal more to say about theology and nursing than I can meaningfully engage in occasional content that takes a back seat to general topics. On the other hand, I’ve chosen to avoid the kinds of topics most nurses online are writing about. At least, I’ve chosen not to write about them in the ways that are most common.

At this point, I’d like to gravitate more strongly toward the nursing-theological perspective as well as maintain Morning Vitals more organically. So, going forward I plan to focus much more on the theology of nursing as I believe it’s an area of great need. To do this, I will begin with an open-ended “as frequently and regularly as possible” approach. I do hope to continue posting weekly, but during any given week that post may be specifically theological in content.

I remain committed to excellence in content. I strive to avoid making statements I have thought little about. I like to think I’d be willing to back up my statements with research and solid reasoning. So, please forgive my recent hiatus from Morning Vitals. I hope you enjoy the new proportioning of content as much as I anticipate producing it.