May 30, 2024

Looking Forward to the Indiana State Nurses Association 2019 Annual Convention

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, on Friday, September 20, I’ll be attending the Indiana State Nurses Association (ISNA) Annual Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. This will be my first time attending the convention and my second attempt at conference/convention coverage via social media. I hope you’ll stay tuned for live-tweets and blog posts this week.

Like the Emerging Trends conference I covered on June 3, I anticipate this will be a small-to-moderate sized event. In my previous conference coverage, I hoped to extend the reach of the conference and offer my thoughts on the content. The same is true of this event.

Although I have attended scientific conferences that included meetings of members, I have not done so in nursing. The statewide nature of this organization will, I hope, provide some education on policy-related matters.

I invite you to enjoy my convention coverage via Twitter and If you find it helpful or interesting, please let me know. I’m always interested in new topics for discussion.