August 8, 2020

Expanding the Horizons of Morning Vitals

I started producing Morning Vitals in January 2019. During the past three months, I’ve posted once a week on Monday morning. This week, I’d like to review my progress thus far and consider where I’d like to take Morning Vitals in the future.

Morning Vitals isn’t my first blog. During the mid-2000s, I produced a blog on the general topic of classical Christian education. My posts were timed irregularly and were of varying lengths. Despite that, I think I can say I developed the habit of blogging at that time, although I stopped producing the blog altogether in about 2006.

As I’ve worked to re-acquire the habit of blogging, I’ve produced Morning Vitals with the conscious goal of seeking wholeness in every domain of life, nursing and otherwise. This blog is in part a way to integrate the various domains of life for myself and others who participate in the conversation.

In my first post, I mentioned “certain voids I’ve experienced in my nursing education and career.” Through Morning Vitals, I’d like to explore the historical and philosophical underpinnings of nursing. As I said previously, I’ve also experienced a similar disconnectedness in research and education. So, the overarching goal of fostering communal meaning making has greatly influenced this blog. I’m also seeking excellence in nursing, both technical expertise and ethical integrity.

The topics I’ve discussed thus far have included structure and process in nursing community, interpretation and the curation of meaning in nursing community, model and process in nursing orientation, and psychological safety in nursing community. I admit these topics are off the beaten path for the typical nurse, but I suspect there are many nurses interested in the issues discussed here.

On the other hand, even nurses interested in these philosophical issues have practical reasons for seeking information on a host of topics of the kind represented across the internet. As I mentioned in my second post, everything is related to nursing. So, in the near future, I’ll be seeking a more comprehensive and robust way to organize Morning Vitals.

So, stay tuned, and be ready to join the conversation. I’m looking forward to it.

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